OurCrowd is uniquely placed at the center of the Israeli innovation ecosystem. It is built on the foundation of equity crowdfunding, and that includes a growing community of investors and corporate partners from around the world. As Israel’s most active venture investor, OurCrowd is deeply rooted in this ecosystem, and leverages its network and accumulated technology expertise to connect corporations to Israeli innovation.

Multinational companies from across industries are turning to the “StartUp Nation” to enhance their core capabilities through open innovation, looking for ways to connect and explore the thousands of Israeli startups for new ideas, and to integrate their innovative technologies into existing products. Big corporations are also looking for exposure and connection to a number of corporate innovation teams, industry leaders, technology events and forums to share ideas, challenges and best practices with other giant peers.

While corporate innovation is very pervasive in Israel, it takes time to find the right people and have access to the relevant connections. In this ecosystem it is imperative to filter what is useful and what isn`t and to understand which circles matter most for the objectives of the corporation. This is exactly where OurCrowd empowers institutions both present or not in Israel, by giving them access to the company’s strategic network, facilitating relevant, quick and focused introductions through the OurCrowd Innovate partnership. “What OurCrowd has been able to do very successfully is to bring people together that are like-minded” says Tony Cannestra, director of corporate ventures at Denso.

“That makes the networking effect happen in a much more rapid fashion and that’s valuable to everybody in the industry.”

Through the years, OurCrowd established a strong corporate innovation community. OurCrowd Innovate boosts these relationships by supporting community members with ecosystem access and insights. This exposure is done through the different innovation blocks offered, including invitations to exclusive events, online meetups, access to the OurCrowd investment platform, sharing of investment opportunities and hosting of executive visits with curated content and meetings.

Innogy Innovation Center, Israel’s representative of the corporate venture arm of the German energy company, Innogy SE, has partnered with OurCrowd since the beginning of its journey in Israel, 5 years ago. “The most concrete benefit is the joint seed investment in Tech-See, where we acted as a strategic investor exposing the startup to some opportunities inside and outside of our company” stated Mickey Steiner, managing director of the Hub. 

Through OurCrowd Innovate’s services, corporations from around the globe are able to come to Israel and explore its innovation ecosystem in the most effective way. OurCrowd enhances executive visits by tailoring their experiences and meetings to business needs and interests, and giving participants direct connection to startup founders and products.  Claudio Goncalves, Partner at A.T. Kearney says “Eye-opening experience to engage with such innovative startups and the whole ecosystem around it in a very fast and deep way, only possible through OurCrowd great connections in the region and unique professionals”. Other companies like AmTrust Financial and National Australia Bank also take advantage of OurCrowd’s reach and knowledge. “It would take years to be able to accomplish what we’ve done in a very short period of time, purely because of the strength and insight of OurCrowd” claimed Michael Lebor Senior Vice President of Strategic Innovations at AmTrust Financial. 

As the innovation community grows, OurCrowd is dedicated to bringing value to every player in the local and global ecosystem, by expanding their networking opportunities in Israel. The OurCrowd Global Investor Summit serves as a powerful tool to connect and engage this community that comes from different corners of the world to get business done. Community members are granted access to invite-only tracks of the OurCrowd Annual Summit. 

Mickey Stainer, from the Innogy Innovation Center added

“The OurCrowd Summit is a very good opportunity for us to expose our management to the local ecosystem, gives our managers occasional speaking opportunities, and also participate in dedicated pre-summit events as strategic partners. We participated in all the previous Summits, and the interest it created within our management circles (in Germany) has a very positive impact on the position of Israel within the corporate world.”

With it’s ever growing network of relationships, OurCrowd is building the future of collaborative innovation.

“OurCrowd has served as an ongoing source of potential tech innovation for the benefit of different business units within Travelers” says A.J. Kess, Vice Chairman & Chief Legal Officer at Travelers. “They have been a great partner when it comes to navigating through the noise and understanding the best available opportunities for collaboration and innovation.