Founded in 1948 in Hamamatsu, Japan, Honda is a multinational corporation manufacturing cars, motorcycles, engines, aircraft and power equipment.  

With its aim to discover and experiment with new technologies and business concepts, Honda Innovations drives transformative collaboration within all areas of Honda. Based in Silicon Valley but operating globally, Honda Innovations boasts two open innovation programs, Honda Xcelerator and Honda Developer Studio. It partners with innovators of all shapes and sizes from startups to global brands and design and development communities to create cutting edge products and services.

Honda joined OurCrowd Innovate in 2015, aiming to connect with the Israeli tech ecosystem. OurCrowd analysts have reviewed over 200 companies for the Honda team, which didn’t have a presence in Israel at the time, and introduced them to over 75 relevant startups. OurCrowd also organized multiple annual executive visits to Israel which included demo days and meetings with industry experts. These activities have resulted in meaningful PoCs with startups.

Over the years Honda has continuously increased its presence in Israel. Facilitated by OurCrowd, in 2016 Honda became a partner in Drive, Israel’s leading innovation center for smart mobility technologies. Its presence at Drive allows Honda to promote collaborations with early stage mobility startups.

Honda has also been operating a significant presence at the annual OurCrowd Global Investor Summit, gaining visibility and access to thousands of entrepreneurs from Israel and around the world.

In 2018 Honda Xcelerator further expanded its local engagements, and OurCrowd continues to support the local Honda team with knowledge and access to its large and diverse deal flow. “OurCrowd has successfully opened the Israeli ecosystem for Honda, building and navigating our relationships, serving as our eyes and ears,” says Ben Reuveni of Honda. “OurCrowd has been an excellent partner for establishing Honda’s presence in Israel.”

“OurCrowd serves as the eyes and ears of Honda in Israel. Honda believes that partnering with entrepreneurs, startups, and academia will help us develop transformational new products.”
– Nick Sugimoto, CEO, Honda Innovations