Halma is a FTSE-100 global group of life-saving technology companies. The group’s purpose is to grow a safer, cleaner and healthier future for everyone, every day. Halma companies are solving some of the big problems facing the world today – from preventable blindness to air quality.

To achieve this, Halma companies operate in three broad markets – safety, health and the environment.

Halma’s innovation strategy focuses on making its products and technologies connected and smart, crunching the data to solve customer problems, and in some cases, moving to data- and insight-driven business models.

However, the Halma group consists of small and medium sized companies at different stages of their innovation and digital journey. “There is no one-fits-all solution,” says Jens Umehag, CFO Innovation and Digital at Halma. “We introduced accelerator programs to support our companies in their innovation journey, and established an innovation hotspot in Tel Aviv, where we look for access to the latest new technologies.”

In its pursuit to connect and partner with Israeli startups, Halma, which doesn’t have an Israeli office, joined OurCrowd Innovate in May 2018. Through a close relationship between OurCrowd analysts and Halma’s innovation team, this ongoing process resulted in a shared database where OurCrowd analysts mapped about 300 vetted startups that address Halma’s needs. OurCrowd then made introductions to over 70 startups that were selected by Halma for further discussions.

OurCrowd then facilitated face-to-face meetings by organizing four Executive visits to Israel, which brought about 80 of Halma’s executives to meet startups and key opinion leaders in the Israeli tech ecosystem.

As of end of 2019, these meetings have resulted in a strategic investment in one startup, and commercial partnerships with three other companies.

“Israel is one of the most innovative countries in the world, and we want to be part of this ecosystem,” says Dr. Inken Braunschmidt, Halma’s Chief Innovation and Digital Officer. “With OurCrowd we found a trusted partner who is our eyes and ears on the ground. Our Halma companies are working together with several startups from Israel, developing proof of concepts and shared distribution agreements. OurCrowd helps us grow faster by identifying new investment opportunities. This is real impact.”